5 Best Place to Buy Refurbished Apple iPhone in 2021

The refurbished iPhone meaning is not the same as used or second hand iPhone. The used iPhone which you will purchase from individual will not have a warranty and might have a problem. But, the refurbished iPhone which you will purchase from reseller will come with warranty and freed from all the issues. The advantage of buying Apple Refurbished iPhone is that you can get a big value by spending less money.

Best places where you can buy Refurbished iPhones (2021)

There are many places where you can buy refurbished iPhone. Here, we put together the top and the best reseller of refurbished Apple iPhones to buy from on the basis of their reliability, trust, and pricing.

Best Buy:

Refurbished iPhones best buy

Best buy is one of the most reliable and trusted sellers of open-box, unlocked, pre-owned, and refurbished iPhones. You will find exclusive deals and massive discounts, especially in refurbished iPhones on best buy. The good thing to consider is that they provide a warranty (Only 90 days) on their iPhones which is enough to make it reliable.

Visit: Best Buy

Amazon Renewed:

Refurbished iPhones Amazon

They always remains on the top of the line in proving exclusive deals. Amazon renewed is the top seller if you wish to buy a refurbished iPhone at an affordable price. They are popular because of their trust and reliability. The refurbished iPhones of Amazon Renewed are looking and running just like the new iPhone. Amazon renewed also offers its return policy for refurbished iPhones.

Visit: Amazon Renewed

Apple Refurbished Store:

Refurbished iPhones from Apple Store

As a maker of iPhones, Apple is one of the most trusted and reliable
sellers of Refurbished iPhones. The biggest point to consider is that the refurbished iPhone from the Apple store comes with one year warranty and in the same packaging as the new iPhone. You can purchase refurbished iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max at the Apple Refurb Store.

Visit: Apple Refurb Store


Refurbished iPhone

Gazelle a good and well-reputed site for buying used or refurbished iPhones. It works like purchases used iPhones from individuals and then after fixing and thorough testing, they sell it on their site. Gazelle is a reliable and trusted seller of Apple refurbished iPhones and they also offer the latest iPhones. It only gives a 30 days return policy.

Visit: Gazelle


iPhone Refurbished ebay

eBay has tons of sellers with good feedback that will sell you a heavily discounted phone. Refurbished iPhone are available for sale there at a lower price but they don’t provide guarantees like Gazelle or Amazon.

Visit: eBay

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