Battle of Big Smartphone Brands – Apple Vs Samsung

Apple vs Samsung

Smartphone brands have a high competition worldwide where the challenge to be on the top is not less than a battle among the brands. The two significant brands of smartphones that are known for their name, quality, designs, innovation, and advanced technology are Apple and Samsung. But, which one is the Real King in the battle “Apple vs Samsung”?

Apple smartphones that are also known as “iPhones” are usually more secure than the Android phones of other brands. However, when it comes to the variety of smartphones in style and price then no one can beat Samsung because of the wide price range of smartphones offered by the brand.

In many ways, the smartphones of Apple and Samsung are preferred by the users. The specifications are advanced. And the battle remains ongoing among the two brands to capture the market by more sales and users. iPhone has its own class due to the expensive and high tech advance features. Some of the points that may help you to get a clear view of both the brands are as follows:

Which one is better? Apple or Samsung?

This is the most common question asked by people regarding these two brands; however, both are good in their specific ways but when it comes to overall view than it is said that iPhone by Apple is better than Samsung’s smartphone because it is more secure. iPhone has a better touch and face ID than Samsung.

The risk of downloading apps is less in Apple iPhone because of malware software in iPhones than in the android Samsung’s phone. However, Samsung phones are also very secure, but it may not necessarily be a deal-breaker.

Price of Apple Mobiles in Pakistan is quite high as compared to Samsung. But you can check the reliability as per user demand.

Which One is More Reliable? Apple or Samsung?

In the battle of brands, the question regarding “Reliability” is an obvious one, and the answer to this question is quite difficult because both the brands are reliable. However, the past reports say that Apple iPhone is three times more reliable than any other rival like Samsung and even more reliable than any other phone.

There are different pros and cons of smartphones of both brands and when it comes to the long-lasting phone, iPhone does not have any strong baseline support here. But the long-lasting phones Android by Samsung are usually known for their long-term use and strong battery life. Here the reliability for the long term is with Samsung.

Apple Vs Samsung

Apple iPhones have a fantastic app store in it, whereas the Samsung Android phones are superior at organizing the apps. Android widgets are much stronger than Apple. Apple does not launch its smartphones like the iPhones in a wide variety of price range; these mobiles are expensive and are preferred usually by the elite class of the society.

Samsung smartphones in Pakistan are available in a wide variety of price ranges as the people of the middle class and elite class all can afford the phones. The price range starts from a mid to high level of the range.


Apple has a strong market image where the people before the launch of the upcoming phone, starts to pre-order the iPhone. This shows the trust of the brand; however, this brand captures a huge fan base and market worldwide. The latest launched iPhone 12 series worldwide has made the users and fans go crazy for it.

Apple Smartphones - Apple vs Samsung

The advance features in the iPhone 12 series that has a capability of 5G strong connection has made everyone curious to use it. The world keeps an eye on the upcoming innovation of Apple because this brand is known for its latest advance technology, innovation, creativity and designs.

Availability of Apple Mobiles is common as the latest launched iPhone 12 series and soon to launch smartphones of this series are pre-booked in a large quantity worldwide by different countries. The phones are however not available as much as the Samsung smartphones because the only elite class can afford the iPhone or the upper-middle class that is why the demand in the developing countries for Apple is less than Samsung.


These smartphones have a strong life than Apple smartphones; whereas the Bluetooth system is also installed in it which is not present in Apple. The downloading is much faster and quicker on the latest android phones. Samsung is not far behind when we talk about technology and innovation.

The latest Samsung S20 and Note 20 Series is perhaps one of the best examples of high-tech, innovation, design, and style of smartphones. The OS system of the phone has gained an advantage over the other android phones worldwide.

Samsung Smartphones

Samsung is giving a tough competition to Apple and has a competitive edge in sales also where the phones in different price range are sold worldwide. Samsung was the first smartphone player two years back; however, Apple has now become the biggest smartphone player, and this happened for the first time in the past two years. 

Competition among the brands is like a “never-ending battle” where Apple beats the Galaxy phones according to the research in terms of sales. Samsung Galaxy is still fighting to get its position back.

Now, let us know which one you are choosing among Apple vs Samsung battle.

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